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From simple repairs to fixed-removable implant bridges, we have the skill and resources to complete your case to your patient's satisfaction.





High-Quality Digital Ivocap® Dentures

Computer-modeled digital dentures provide the best fit possible. Clinical procedures are the same as in conventional dentures, so no additional equipment is needed. Design files are archived at Udell Dental Laboratory to allow identical replacement of unrepairable or lost dentures.

Includes custom tray, bite rim, Ivoclar® VivaCAD milled monolithic denture teeth, 3D printed trial base, and Ivocap® high-impact acrylic injected base with patient name.

Digital Denture Upgrades

Choose a milled denture base instead of injected base, and milled multi-layer esthetic teeth.

Premium Complete Milled Digital Dentures

Premium Milled Digital Dentures from Udell Dental Laboratory have excellent fit, esthetics, and durability. The monolithic teeth provide an increased mechanical bond between the milled base and denture teeth, thereby reducing the risk of breakage.

Ivocap® Injected Dentures

Doctors consistently comment on the ease of seating removable cases from Udell. We use the Ivocap Injection System and the result is a denture that is free of distortion, and that saves you chairtime.

  • Complete compensation for polymerization shrinkage, so there is no change in vertical dimension
  • No tooth displacement
  • Clinically significant denture retention and stability over hand-flasking
  • Increased density of denture acrylic & homogeneous denture base
  • A more complete cure than with the hand-flasked denture process
  • Experienced removable department ready to assist you
  • 2-year denture warranty

Ivocap High-Impact denture acrylic is injected into the flask under constant pressure, so any material shrinkage is compensated for with more acrylic. The result is an accurate denture that needs little to no adjusting.




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